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Fandoms I've written in:
Naruto, Hatoful Boyfriend, John Carter (Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom), Earthsea, Tiger & Bunny.

My fanfic is located here and my blog is here. Some additional fics can be found here. (Because I have a bit of a compulsive archivist thing going on right now.)

SASO Fills
SASO Fills:




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fic questions - reincarnation
How IC should reincarnation fics be?

I've got a fic that's about 75% done that's been sitting around for over a year. I think I'd like to finish, but I think I'm frozen about how in-character it is. The problem with reincarnation fics, I'm starting to find, is that while I want to make the character as close to the canon character as possible, by virtue of being reincarnated, the character isn't going to be the same. I don't want a very much younger version of the same character - I think the reason the reincarnation fic was interesting is because I could make adjustments based on how I think things will change if the character was exposed to different things. But that leads me back to this problem.


Also, if I were to finish, how would I tag it? Is a reincarnated character an OC? The reincarnated character is going to have a different name and all.

This level of analysis is stupidly meta and I'm sorry but it's been (one of the things) hanging me up for a long time now and if anybody had thoughts, I would be super grateful.

(no subject)
So, I think I'm failing on the NaNoWriMo camp.  My head got hijacked by a two-shot fic; there's story and then there's porn.  With centaurs.  *blushes*  It was a story that needed to be told.  By me.  Now.

Anyway, my story refractory period is lasting longer than usual.  I keep going back and picking at the two-shot, even though it's been posted a while.  Usually, I'm done and walk away pretty happily.  I'm feeling like I can't quite continue with the NaNo.  Don't know what it is.

But, KakaIru summer fest is about to start and that's super exciting.  Maybe this is just a resting period for that.  Hmmm.  Wonder what the prompts will be.  I love other people's prompts.  There's something really fun about that.

How's everybody?

my fortune
(Real name)  is in a fantasy yaoi manga.

Emmy Kay is in a drama hentai doujinshi.

Well, well. 

So I wrote only 500 words this week. It was for Hotblood!, and it was a Disney-like lyric. *self-conscious shrug* I like musicals. I do think that it's a different process than writing straight prose, even though it was fewer words, it was more time.

I was a bit brain-burned from the previous week, I think.

I'm almost done with my second adult sweater. All I need is buttons. I wore it without buttons the other day. It's a pretty good-looking sweater. Once I get buttons on, I will.

I started listening to "Welcome to Night Vale."

Hope you're all good.

lessons from the UK
I had a huge list of the lessons and then I thought I should just post the funny ones.

2) Cadbury cream eggs are available all year around. You're welcome.

3) "French stick" refers not to a Frenchman's privates but to the item Americans and French people call a "baguette."

20) There are many, many kinds of coins and you will walk around with pockets heavy and full of them and shove them towards people when you want to buy something because sometimes, coin recognition is too much, too hard, too early.

24) Minging (rhymes with singing) is mean or cheap. Minge (I think it sounds like "singe" but I'm not certain as every Brit I asked laughed hysterically) is a lady's private parts. Mixing them up will have people look at you as if you're simple.

31) There is a British way with words that strike American ears very peculiarly. Verbs as adjectives makes food sound less appetizing. For example, "soured cream" instead of "sour cream" and "boiled sweets" instead of "hard candy." I don't need to know what happened to the food to make it turn out that way, thank you.

As for writing progress:

--1.2 k written and posted Hotblood! fic (although sensei noticed me!)

--what looks like 500 words written for KI fic, but it was actually 500 words deleted, several sections moved around and then 1k written.

Huh. It looks like I average about 2k a week, even when I'm trying. *blows hair out of face, a bit aggravated.*

I'm thinking that a list of what writing I've done, post after post, is sort of dull. So, here's a story to break up that list.

Husband: I wish we'd be dating in college and you'd have known how to knit then.

Me: Why? (Because I just started knitting this would have required us to have gone to the same college, something we both agreed would have been disastrous because of how different we were then.)

Husband: Because you'd have made me some awesome fandom hats.

Me: Like what?

Husband: Like Cthulu hats. I'd have worn them then.

Me: You can wear them now.

Husband: Nah. You know what? I take that back. If that were really to happen, then we'd have had something taken away from our present.

Me: Well, we'd never have made it to now, that's for sure.

Husband: Or we wouldn't have one of the kids. Or we'd have had them too early.

Me: Or we'd have eight by now. (Me thinking our sanity would have been the victim.)

Husband: Oh my god. Yeah. I totally take that back.

Writing update: I finished and posted a story "Playing Nurse." I also finally posted my KakaIru Winter Fest story, "Unauthorized" to my ao3 account. (So, overall, I wrote ~500 words and edited for a while.)

writing progress
This week has been all kinds of busy and yesterday, while technically not a work day, comprised all the errands we haven't done in something like months or even years. So I haven't got a lot done, even though I think my mental scatter has settled a bit from last week's inability to focus on a single project. I don't do well like that.

I also bought some yarn, settled on a longer project. That's probably also helpful.

That said, as of right now, I've got 1500 words of KI situational pre-erotica. That's got to be something. It's turning out to be a ficbit based upon a poorly researched idea of KI hockey AU fic that I started a long time ago. (Yeah, I don't really know what's happening to my head either.)

How was your week?

Writing Roundup
This is totally embarrassing because I'm all over the place. But, here we go.

~200 words on KakaIru stories 1 and 2.
~2000 words on Tiger & Bunny story based on old meme prompt, but mostly a lot of moving around of scenes and editing. *sigh*
~100 words on throwaway Hatoful Boyfriend story.
~300 words on ridiculous tumblr entry of AU Thorin/Bilbo (The Hobbit) done as high school werewolf.

Progress will continue to be slow due to return to job and unending bad cold/congestion/general malaise. I guess I should be glad there is no listing of all wips because that would be a complete mess.

However, on the upside, I have knit quite a bit.

Please join me in posting writing progress!


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